Daily Message ~ Monday December 16, 2013

Peace on earth is something that many speak of, both in connection to your holiday season and also for the future of your beloved planet. What brings you peace?

Many speak of a desire for peace, yet inner peace eludes them. Do you give yourself the love, the support, the opportunities to find and nurture your own sense of peace? Do you take that peace from within and share that beautiful energy with others?

As with all other aspects of great change, it must start from within first, before it can be an external experience. BE the peace, Dear Ones. Demonstrate your inner peace by living a kind, gentle and mindful life of authentic expression. Help others find and connect to their own sense of peace.

The greatest leaders and teachers on your planet have done just that, and created a cascade of peaceful potential everywhere they went. The changes you all seek in your deepest heart of hearts are truly attainable if you understand that they all begin with the spark of peace and divinity that exists in each and every one of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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