Daily Message ~ Monday February 10, 2014

The key to manifestation is to get very clear about what you want. So many of you say you wish to manifest a large sum of money. But is it really the money you want? Or is it what the money will facilitate? That vast majority of humans who say they wish to have a great sum of money, don’t necessarily want money at all. They want what they can turn money into. For most people, the true essence of what they really want is freedom.

Money is simply a middle man, a means to exchange something for what you really want. You understand that in order to bring to you what you desire, you must really feel the experience of having it. Many of you have trouble imagining what it would feel like to have a large sum of money, but can easily imagine feeling free.

Do you see? Let the universe deliver to you exactly what it is you want! If you hold the essence, the true essence of what you wish to create, rather than the idea of money to turn into what you want, you just may find your manifestations becoming much easier. So get clear about what is the true desire that lies under the request for money. Remember, Dear Ones, the universe is very adept at quickly and creatively bringing you, in the most direct way, to your energetic truth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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