Daily Message ~ Monday February 13, 2017


Every single time you judge yourself you deny your own divinity and perpetuate the pain of separation in yourself. Dear Ones, we urge you to start to treat yourselves with the love, respect, and honour you deserve.

Can you commit to seeing your innate goodness? Can you see your innocence and desire to do your best? Can you forgive yourself if you make what you consider to be a mistake and simply encourage yourself to do better next time rather than berating yourself?

How much easier would it be to bloom and grow into your full potential if you created the environment that supported it by finally giving yourself the love you’ve been yearning for from yourself for so very long?

How do you do that? By thinking of how you would want a beloved child, the love of your life, or your very best friend to be treated and apply to self. By doing so you have the power, right now, to begin to move into the deep and profound healing only you could give. ~Archangel Gabriel

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