Daily Message ~ Monday February 29, 2016

So many of you feel like you have to present yourself as different than you really are to gain the respect and approval of others. This can be a very separating experience, as it does not allow people to connect with the true essence of you. When you are attempting to be someone other than who you really are, even your successes will feel hollow because they are not based on your authenticity. This will result in you feeling less present and less engaged in your own life.

There is nothing more beautiful, more glorious, than you expressing yourself in your truth and your own divinity! The unique energy and preferences you were born with are there to be your loving contribution to the world. As you accept this and step out into the light, unabashedly, in your divine perfection, you will finally be allowing the energies in that celebrate and embrace you in your truth. From there you will always be on the sweet spot of your path, finding yourself in the right time/right place situations, creating a real and deep connection with others and yourself. And that, Dear Ones, is when your path will get incredibly interesting and satisfying, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel

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