Daily Message ~ Monday February 6, 2017


Dear Ones, you are on the planet during a time when there are many different people on different stages of their evolutionary process. You are also experiencing unprecedented energies.

Because of this, it is becoming more and more imperative that you listen to your own inner mastery, your own divine spark, your own innate wisdom, when it comes to navigating your path. People, by the most part, while well-meaning and trying to help, can only give advice based on what would be best for them and their own life expression. And, of course, each and every path is unique and different, with it’s own to-do list and soul agendas.

Many old templates are falling away that were created in old energy. They are being replaced by new ways of doing things that match the energy and highest potentials of the planet. You, as pioneers, are exploring how to work with these new energies and, through those experiences, are creating new templates. In order to do that, you must listen to your own divine guidance and inner wisdom, to create in brand new and empowered ways.

If you are receiving advice, ask yourself, does this person live in a way that is in line with what I would like to create and embody? Do they have previous experience or wisdom that is pertinent with what I am going through?

If so, you may wish to listen to what they have to offer, then check in with yourself to see if it feels like your truth and if the advice honours your own divine capability, and is empowering. If not, then thank them for their kindness, caring, and willingness to help, but stay balanced in your truth and knowingness and proceed from there.

Doing what others think you should do in order to please them when it does not feel like your truth is giving your power away, and will always lead to discomfort. That discomfort will only grow until you listen to your own inner guidance system.

There is no one more qualified than you, ever, to navigate your own path. As you evolve away from the ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, and start to honour the gifts of unfoldment and experience, you will feel more and more comfortable in making your own choices.

If you choose something you do not like, you can choose, and choose, and choose again, until you have found the energies of your liking. It is when you step away from the fear of judgment, either from yourself or from others, you will finally give yourself the permission and the freedom to live according to what is right for you and your highest life expression, and that, Dear Ones, is mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel

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