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Daily Message ~ Monday January 10, 2022

You understand that words carry vibrations. The right combination of words put together in a sentence creates what we call a healing equation. It is an energetic structure that can be used to support the healing and expansion you seek.

Generally speaking, healing is a process that involves first identifying what is out of balance, being willing to release or shift out of that state, and filling in the void with what supports wellness. This is where healing equations have great value.

So if you have an issue you wish to heal, write yourself a healing sentence. With your conscious awareness, try on some words that you feel might represent the wellness you seek. Arrange them in different ways and really feel into them. When you have the right combination, you will feel a shift in your energetics that brings relief and a feeling of heart expansion.

You can imagine the words connected together and holding a certain colour of light. You might imagine them swirling around you, or even sinking into your energy. You cannot get it wrong, so have fun with imagining how they can best connect and serve you.

This is something that you have a lot of experience with historically. You all have experience with blessings and spells in other life expressions. Or you may have discovered one line a song or a poem or even one of our daily messages that went straight to your heart and moved you deeply. There is much power in words!

So we invite you to sit and feel into what your own healing equation could be. Words are powerful and magical, and the way you connect and combine them can create many wondrous things. What blessing would you like to bestow upon yourself today? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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