Daily Message ~ Monday January 2, 2017


Acceptance is an integral aspect of moving into a higher vibrating life experience. You simply cannot connect in a profound way with others, or with yourselves, without it.

It is through acceptance that you recognize the divine perfection in all. It is the tool that moves you beyond resistance. Resistance creates barriers between you and others, and also, between you and your own beingness. It also keeps you in perpetual engagement with what is unwanted or feared. Acceptance is the healing key to all of your challenges because it shifts you into an energetic space that holds all solutions.

Dear Ones, the greatest joy that comes from reunion with Source is the pure acceptance that comes with it. That acceptance is at the core of unconditional love, unity consciousness, and enlightenment. Acceptance is the pathway to peace. It is what will heal the pain of separation once and for all.

As you look forward in this year of creation, please know that acceptance is one of the most important elements, both personally and globally, for it supports the energies all souls at their core yearn for – unconditional love, authenticity, and connection. ~Archangel Gabriel

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