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Daily Message ~ Monday January 2, 2023

Welcome to a new year, Dear Ones! Each year has its own unique properties that serve to assist you in your evolutionary process. As you shift into the energy of a new year, you are adjusting to its unique energy stamp and connecting to new lines of potential.

Starting a new year in a mercury retrograde allows you to review in earnest what you wish to leave behind, and reflect on the lessons learned, which is designed to give you greater clarity on both your latest level of attainment and what you would like to create from that new platform.

You are always in a state of movement, be it internal or external. The waves that push you forward can be gentle and subtle or intense and profound. The wonderful news is that the past three years have allowed you to develop much more skill in navigating both. The key here is to stay out of resistance by honouring your own divine capability and utilizing the guidance that is always available to you.

While every person is at their own stage of their evolutionary journey, one common theme for the majority of you who have been dedicated to your enlightenment process is finally seeing the fruits of your consistent labour. While many of you have been staying the course with not much else but your deeply rooted faith and trust, you’ll be happy to know that concrete evidence of what you have been holding true to will start to take tangible form in your physical reality.

You simply cannot have that level of faith and focus not pay off because your faith and focus was soul led, and your soul always knows where your highest potentials lie. It has been methodically leading you toward the discovery of those heart desires. The key here, just as a person must shift from perpetually healing to allowing themselves to simply be healed, is to allow yourself to shift from trying to get there to allowing yourself to arrive whenever the timing is perfect for you. And from there you will look forward, and find new ways to create and expand, for that is what truly brings you joy. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all of you who donated to support our service. It truly means so much to me to have your love and support. Here are the winners of the draws…

Grand Prize Winner of Journeying Into The New session and the course: Kathleen Aragon

Winner of the one hour private session: Stephanie Tallis

Winner of the half hour private session: William Baxter

Winners of the course of their choice:

Kathy Parkin
Ann Louise Emanuel
Janice DeFonda
Vicki Chang
PBA Verburgt
Valerie Beaugrand-Champagne
Chris Smith
Wendy Brown
Maja Zwicky-Saudhi
Carla Hess

Congratulations to all the winners! I’ll be in touch by email. Win or lose, whether you donated or not, I hope you know that I’m honoured to be on this journey with each and every one of you and I’m wishing you a wonderful 2023 that sees all your dreams come true! xo


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