Daily Message ~ Monday January 21, 2013

Many people have a story.  It usually involves some event that left them wounded, that they wave like a flag as proof that they have been victimized.  Some people get so stuck in that story, they have been sitting in those same energies for years and years.  When you first meet them, often within the first half hour of knowing them, they will tell their story, further defining their victim consciousness. Sadly, many people simply do not know who they are without their story, attempting to find power in their powerlessness.  We invite you to start living beyond.  Live beyond your fear.  Live beyond your disappointments.  Live beyond your victimhood.  Live beyond your self limiting beliefs.  Spread your wings and soar beyond it all.  If you decide that you truly, deeply wish to heal once and for all, and surrender to that process, you can transform your life, and your story.  There is no power from the bottom of the quicksand, Dear Ones.  Grab the ropes that are lovingly offered to you all the time and embrace the freedom that comes from moving beyond your old, self-limiting ways of being and truly live, love and shine again. ~Archangel Gabriel

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