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Daily Message ~ Monday January 22, 2018

Dear Ones, when you are in what feels like no man’s land – that phase of the unknown where you have detached from the old and have not quite connected with the new, please know you are in a place of profound progress towards your next great adventure that better matches your energy and intentions.

It is much like being mid-flight in an airplane. You have left one place and have not yet landed at your destination. Even though you may be above the clouds and not able to see the progress being made toward your goal, there is much forward movement happening.

You set the intention, bought the ticket, arrived at the airport on time, and boarded the plane. Now it is time to allow the others – the helpers whose job it is to support your dream – to do their work and highest service until it is time for you to land.

We understand it can be difficult to stay in surrender, faith, flow, and trust when much can seem undefined, but the fact that you are an in-between stage is proof positive that your journey has begun. In fact, it is an indicator that you are well on your way and in the phase where the most progress is being made!

So just like you would during a flight we encourage you to do whatever supports you in being as comfortable as possible. Read. Nap. Meditate. Take care of your immediate physical needs. Understand you are in a temporary phase that will soon be forgotten. And above all, don’t jump out of the airplane before you have a chance to land in a great new space of wonder, possibility, and potential. ~Archangel Gabriel

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