Daily Message ~ Monday January 25, 2016

We speak about anchoring an energy into your energetics in order to experience more of it. It can be difficult for you to fully understand what that means. Let us give it to you in a way that will help you make sense of it.

Think of an area of your life where you really thrive, where you experience something as a constant. As an example, we will use having running water in your home. You expect that you will simply go to the tap and turn it on and have water. You do not wake up every day powerlessly wondering if you will have water. You do not wonder how to think about water so that you will create it. You simply have it. Even if something happens that you temporarily do not have water, your expectation is that you will have it again soon. It is simply a fact of life to you that is anchored into your experience.

There are parts of your life that are never an issue for you. Feel the matter of fact way you view those areas. Then compare the way you feel about that topic to another area in your life that you find more problematic. Do you see? Can you feel the difference? Once you can really see how different the thriving area feels to the more challenging area, you can know what to aim for.

Start to play with the energy of what you wish to create more of. What can you do to start to anchor in that energy? It could be through visualization, imagination, meditation, and choosing to immerse yourself in all things that represent the energy of what you desire. It could be any way that helps you energetically claim what is desired in an empowered way.

You may need to take some time to surrender any fear that you have on that topic, or to work on any worthiness issues you may have. But this is the good news – if you have ease in one area of your life it is a skill you already have! It is just a matter of applying that same energy that works to all areas of your life, and that, Dear Ones, is truly stepping forward as a creator. ~Archangel Gabriel

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