Daily Message ~ Monday January 28, 2013

Many human beings dread the beginning of their work week.   It begins a week of marking time until they have their freedom back and can enjoy life on the weekend.  Dear Ones, your lives are not some cross to bear, or something to wish away!  Your life expression is meant to be joyful and enjoyable, filled with wonder, love and excitement.  We encourage you to infuse everything you do with joy! Joy can be found from being fully present, looking around you with new eyes, and enjoying your BEingness.  Even if you do not particularly enjoy your work at this time, we encourage you to make sure you add elements of joy to every day.  By starting to enjoy your life more and more, you will then, by the very nature of energetics, attract even more joy to your life.  We also highly encourage you to seek out careers that make your heart sing.  Many of you have been raised by parents who grew up experiencing lack and you have been taught that it doesn’t matter if you like what you do, all that matters is that it puts food on the table.  Those were belief systems that were created from a time of perceived lack.  You now understand that it is an unlimited universe with more than enough for everyone, and you absolutely deserve to make your living doing something that you love.  Let your life expression reflect that. ~Archangel Gabriel

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