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Daily Message ~ Monday January 31, 2022

Shelley’s Note: So I got my first weekend under my belt without writing daily messages, and I’ve got to say it felt so strange at first! But let me tell you about the most wonderful things that happened.

First off, one of my concerns about not providing daily messages on the weekends and holidays was that I’d get some pushback from people but after a lot of conscious consideration I knew it was time to move into a better balance. Even though I knew it was the right thing for me I wasn’t sure how my readers would take it. I am so blown away! I have never received so many messages of love and support in all the years I’ve been doing this. What an amazing community you are! I’m living proof that if you do what’s right for you, you will absolutely be supported. Not only that but because I freed myself up I was able to do a bunch of creating that brought me so much joy, so I became more efficient in other ways. Thank you for standing by me as I was figuring all this stuff out. You all are amazing!

Another fantastic thing that occurred was a ripple out effect I didn’t realize would happen. I received a lovely email from a gentleman who takes the time to translate my messages into another language and shares them in his country. He’s been doing this every day for two and a half years. He wrote to thank me because my taking the weekends off gave him the weekends off, too! So my prioritizing balance also added to his. Another example of how doing what is right for us will also be right for others. There are actually quite a few people who lovingly translate the messages and share them in their own tongue, and now they will all be getting a break, too. So wonderful!

I just had to share this with you all. Thanks for being with me through all of this. I love you.


Dear Ones, your inner child aspects are the trusting parts of you. If you have trust issues it can be very helpful to reintegrate any inner child aspects who felt they had to separate from the whole in order to stay safe.

Just get into a meditation or a visualizing space and simply call them forward with your inner voice. Open your arms and invite them back into your loving care. If you make the sacred commitment to give them the love and care they always deserved and keep your word to yourself, you will make great strides in healing your trust issues by creating a new foundation that makes it possible for you to have the experiences you have always wanted and deserved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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