Daily Message ~ Monday January 6, 2014

Many people would like to incorporate meditation into their daily life but they say they lack the focus. Have you ever heard someone say that they wished that they could worry, but they simply do not have the focus? Dear Ones, you already have the focus, you have simply been using it to create more of what you don’t want! Meditation need not be difficult. You do not need to aim for absolute stillness. Meditation can be walking in nature. Sitting on a beach. Prayer. Taking a moment to be still and listen to your breathing. Doing something creative. A moment of gratitude. Driving or riding in a vehicle. Any place where you have stilled yourself into a place of openness, alignment and relaxed focus counts as meditation. Do not put off your practice because it is a skill you already have. Simply pause, connect with whatever you consider to be your divine source, focus on something that feels good, and consider it success. ~Archangel Gabriel

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