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Daily Message ~ Monday July 10, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be answering the question, “How can I move into acceptance when I don’t agree with what is happening?”

Acceptance isn’t an endorsement of what is happening. That’s what gratitude is for. Acceptance is a more neutral energy that notices what is. More than that, because it is born from the elements of faith and trust, it allows you to understand that whatever is happening must serve you in some way, even if you do not know how right now. It could be as simple as showing you what you do not want so you redirect into what is a better match for you.

When you accept that something exists for some reason, you move out resistance to it. Resistance is actively engaging with what you do not want which perpetuates its presence in your life. Rather than staying in a tug of war with it that gets you nowhere, you drop the rope, step back, and take whatever gifts it may have for you. Acceptance allows you to then shift your focus in a new direction that is more to your liking.

If you are resistant to something and decide to simply accept that it exists, if you pay attention you will feel an energetic shift and relief in your body. Resistance always creates discomfort. Acceptance will shift you out of that into a more peaceful energy in your body.

This does not mean that you are seeing yourself as powerless towards what you are finding difficult. Far from it! Acceptance is the power move that allows you to disengage and redirect. It puts your faith and trust into action, which will put your focus to much better use, which would be flowing towards what you prefer.

It might help to think of it this way. This is an analogy Gabriel gave me a long time ago and it always helps me and makes me giggle. Resistance would be seeing a food you don’t like at a buffet and deciding to stand there protesting it, yelling at people who choose it, “For the love of God not tomatoes!” or starting a petition to get the restaurant to remove it as an option. You would be so consumed with what you don’t like you would miss all the other delicious options!

Acceptance doesn’t mean you are going to eat the food you don’t like or make it a staple of your diet. It means that you understand that it can serve a purpose for other people who enjoy it but you don’t have to put it on your plate. You can acknowledge its existence and keep moving until you find something that is much more to your liking.

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