Daily Message ~ Monday July 11, 2016

A vital part of moving into balance is being open to receive. Many enlightening human beings are on the earth with service contracts. Their natural tendency is to focus on others rather than themselves. A great many enlightening human beings also were born into abusive situations or have experienced neglect. A service contract combined with a background of neglect can result in you not even considering what you need in order to thrive.

Trying to live by only being concerned for others is like trying to run a marathon on only out-breaths. Dear Ones, as wayshowers you are on the planet to demonstrate how to work with the flow of the universe in order to anchor unity consciousness and unconditional love. You must include yourself in those energies! The flow of the universe includes both the in-breath and the out-breath. Your natural rhythm is one of ebb and flow, of giving and receiving, acceptance and release, loving and being loved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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