flowing flowers

Daily Message ~ Monday July 19, 2021

Dear Ones, you do not need to be absolutely perfect with your spiritual practices in order to create wonderful changes in your life. You don’t need to be in alignment all the time, or beautifully moving with the surrender, faith, flow, trust model of the divine combination 100% of the time. You just need to choose to be in the energies that can get you where you want to go more often than you are in resistance to your Now moment. Even slightly more opens the door for forward movement to have a chance to occur. So ease up on your expectations of yourself and lovingly redirect into your preferences however many times are necessary without self judgement and you may very well be surprised by how quickly you can create more movement and ease, because to do so will take you out of resistance to yourselves, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: If you received a receipt for a course you purchased a while ago yesterday, please know it does not mean you were charged again. We were doing some work on the website yesterday and for some reason it generated receipts to some people. I apologize for any concern or confusion this may have caused. Rest assured it was just a glitch and all is well.

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