Daily Message ~ Monday July 21, 2014

So many human beings live their lives consumed with their perceptions of what is wrong – what has happened in their lives that shouldn’t have, and what continues in their lives or the world around them that also seems wrong.

When you are focused on what is wrong, it perpetuates a feeling of powerlessness. It feeds victim consciousness and fear. It can make you feel immobilized, frustrated, angry and hopeless. Because it is focusing your creative energy on what you do not want, it will only keep you in a perpetual loop of suffering.

What if your past hurts never happened to you? How would you live differently today? We are not trying to belittle your hurts, but we are trying to point out to you that the past can only continue to hurt you if you allow it to. The reality is you are fine in each Now moment the vast majority of the time, and it is through the celebration and appreciation of the Now that you create a future that far better matches what you desire and deserve.

Dear Ones, love yourselves enough to leave your past behind. Use what you do not want as a contrast to create what you do want. Embrace your infinite power to create anew and start to celebrate your nows and tomorrows by refusing to allow the past to stain the clean canvas of your future. To do so will create the peace your soul is craving and open up the door of potential for many joyful tomorrows. ~Archangel Gabriel

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