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Daily Message ~ Monday July 23, 2018

We would like to present an exercise for you to try this week. We would suggest you to agree to do two things – to stop making yourself wrong for being who you are, and to stop making others wrong for being who they are.

Yes, this is an exercise in acceptance. Can you speak to yourself with love and understanding for an entire week? Can you practice forgiveness for any experiences you would choose a different approach for now and see it as growth? Can you see the entirety of your life expression as doing the best that you could at any given time? Can you see it as a series of experiences that helped you self define and expand? Can you take those exact same questions and apply them to others? Can you resist the urge to make yourself wrong if you forget and fall into your old habits and gently redirect yourself with understanding and love?

Your willingness to do so allows you to shift out of berating to encouraging, from rejection to love, from judgment to acceptance, from separation to inclusion. It creates a safe space within yourself, and between you and others. It allows you to express faith and trust in the divine capability of every person on the planet which is incredibly empowering to everyone involved. The beautiful by product of the consistent application of acceptance is patience, peace, and unconditional love, which all feel wonderful because those are the energies of Home. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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