Daily Message ~ Monday July 29, 2013

One of the things enlightening human beings are consumed with is their quest for their perfect love partner. Many of you have no trouble finding a partner, but have trouble turning that partnership into something that is sustainable over a longer period of time. For many of you, you feel like if you could only find the right partner, everything would be fine. There are a few flaws in that premise.

Looking for completion from an external never works. You cannot draw to you better than what you energetically hold. If you seek unconditional love, love yourself unconditionally! The more whole, healthy and balanced you are, the more that will be reflected back to you in a relationship.

The greatest indicator of a long lasting relationship, Dear Ones, comes from having similar levels of integrity. If you do not, invariably, your relationship will eventually sever.

As you move into unity consciousness on your planet, you are also looking for that in your close relationships. That means looking for acceptance, allowing, kindness, mindfulness, supported and continued personal growth, unconditional love, compassion for the all, and similar values. If you make those traits “must haves” as you intend to find a new love, and nurture those same traits in yourself, you will draw to you a relationship that is built on a firm foundation that has the potential, not only to last, but to support and uplift all involved. ~Archangel Gabriel

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