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Daily Message ~ Monday July 8, 2024

Many of you are in the process of stepping into a new phase in your incarnation. In many ways, much of what you have experienced up until this point will start to feel far removed, feeling almost like a pastlife. This is why you are seeing people suddenly changing locations, careers, their service paths, or interests.

You have reached a new energetic platform, so to speak – a new level of mastery which begs the question, “What do you wish to create moving forward?” And this is exactly why old themes are coming up.

It is like the universe is helping you clean out your closet, as you prepare to move. It is holding up old wounds, old hurts, old patterns, asking if you would like to take them with you or let them go for good.

There is no need to get activated or upset. This is not a punishment or a sign that your energetic work has not been effective. Far from it! It is simply the universe helping you to be concise and aware about what you would like your new creation – your next exciting phase – to look like, and to be consciously aware of what you are bringing with you.

It might help you to detach from it emotionally if you could simply see it as a life review. You are reviewing, just as though you had just transitioned from the body, but you are instead staying, excited for the opportunity to move into a new phase, that for many of you will take on the feel of a brand new incarnation. Take the gift of the experiences and leave the rest behind because it is not necessary to replay the old in your new creation.

So be precise. Ask yourself what do you want? What do you really deserve that you haven’t received, expected, or accepted for yourself before? How do you wish to be treated? What brings you joy? What feels like freedom and expansion to you?

How do you wish to express yourself energetically, and in turn, receive back? Since you are getting a ‘do-over’ what will you do differently this time around? How are you going to show up for yourself and for others? Be grateful to what is coming up for you at this time because it is giving you an opportunity to create with far greater awareness moving forward. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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