Daily Message ~ Monday June 12, 2017

If you are just getting by, living from pay check to pay check, always just meeting what your needs are, you may be surprised to hear us say that is a sign that the law of attraction is working perfectly for you. Your goal, which is firmly set on the meeting of your immediate needs, is being met by the universe.

If you are frustrated by always just getting by, please know it is not that the universe isn’t loving and supporting you, or meeting your efforts. It is simply a matter of focus.

Dear Ones, if you are wishing to experience more ease in your lives, we encourage you to create beyond. Yes, be aware of your needs and obligations, but place your focus on the greater abundance that is available to you that exists beyond merely scraping by. Don’t be afraid to expand!

When you focus into creating beyond your immediate needs, you hold the energy and focus that those immediate needs are already taken care of. You leave room for the universe to show you new potentials, to surprise you with things you didn’t know were possible – new solutions and possibilities that can create far greater joy and comfort for you.

You make room for expansion and discovery, which is exactly what your soul always yearns to do, which is why it gets uncomfortable in the constrained space of just getting by. Know your discomfort is always a sign that there are greater potentials for you, and allow yourself to start to play in the endless possibilities beyond the energies of what is already known. ~Archangel Gabriel

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