Daily Message ~ Monday June 6, 2016


Stepping fully into your authentic power is such a monumental step for enlightening human beings. The reason why it is such a big deal to you is because you have had many, many experiences with the misuse of power in your previous life expressions. You have had power misused against you, and you have misused it yourself because at that time you didn’t know better. You have been intensely studying both what power is, and what it is not, for centuries, all in preparation for this right now moment in time.

The fact that you are approaching it so carefully lets you know you are ready for it. As a human being of service on an ascending planet, you are mindful and committed to supporting the vibrational shift you are part of, so your decisions will be in line with that. The people who truly misuse power are not introspective in the least, do not consider, even for a second, that they might be doing something wrong, and make decisions that serve the one. You are well beyond that stage, and through your tender hearts and gentle natures, will make decisions that serve the whole.

So breathe, Dear Ones. Align with your truth and allow yourselves to step forward as the sovereign beings you truly are. You are ready. ~Archangel Gabriel

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