Daily Message ~ Monday March 10, 2014

Dear Ones, we want you to know that there is never a time when you are not enough. If you ever feel that way, it is never because there is something wrong with you. It is because even more of your divinity wants to shine through! It is your inner divinity that is always wanting to grow and expand and express itself ever more brightly and gloriously.

Think of it this way. A light with three settings of brightness – low, medium and high, is always a light. Even when it is on low, when it is not shining as brightly as it could, it is still a light. Do you see? No matter what you do, you are always a shimmering piece of divinity. If you forget to shine your light as brightly as you could, you are still light and you are still divine. That can never change.

So take the pressure off yourself! Love yourself in your truth, in your divinity, for the glorious piece of the whole you really are, and you will see yourself brilliantly self expressing in ways that make you, and the entire universe, radiant with joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

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