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Daily Message ~ Monday March 13, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be offering tips to improve your meditation practice.

It seems that very few people seem confident with their meditation practice. If I ask people if they meditate, they say they don’t meditate as much as they should, or they try but they don’t know if they’re doing it or they think they should be better at it. Who knew there was so much pressure about meditation!

Your meditation practice does not need to be complicated. It can be as simple as stilling yourself and having an intention to connect. You can follow your breath, or not. You can sit a certain way, or not. You can aim for stillness, or not. (Sidenote: I’ve never been able to achieve nothingness. My most successful meditations have come from allowing my brain to go where it wants to go with a broad intention of what I would like to do during that meditation). All that really matters is that you find a space that is comfortable for you, that relaxes you, and allows you to do whatever your intention is.

Falling asleep during meditation can be an issue for people, particularly with the busy lifestyles we have. If that’s the case for you, try to meditate earlier in the day, or meditate sitting up.

On the topic of sleeping, if you have trouble sleeping, meditate when you wake up in middle of the night. Often it will allow you to go back to sleep, and if it doesn’t the act of meditating will equal a couple of hours of sleep so you won’t be as tired in the morning.

If you have trouble with seeing things in your meditations, cover your eyes with something. This will immediately tell your brain to stop trying to see with your physical eyes and to switch to seeing with your psychic vision. Covering your eyes with something with a little weight to it like a weighted eye pillow can also help you relax into your meditation easier.

Water is a great amplifier, so if you are wishing to enhance your meditation practice meditating in water (safely!) or near water can be very helpful, as well.

It is common when you are meditating to doubt if you are “in there” enough or if it is just your imagination. If you are relaxed you are in good enough! Keep practicing, before you know it you will get bored and then any resistance will ebb away and the good stuff will start happening.

I always tell people to not get too caught up worrying about if something is “only your imagination” because your imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of your brain. If you immediately dismiss things as being your imagination you are cutting yourself off before you get where you want to go! If you just let your experiences unfold without judgment, what will happen is one day you will be completely surprised by something that happens and at that point you will know it’s not your imagination, because your imagination doesn’t have the ability to surprise you but a spiritual experience absolutely can.

So be light with your meditation practice. Experiment. Make it enjoyable and make your own. Trust the unfoldment of it. No matter what happens during it, the health benefits are vast so it is never ever wasted time. If you keep an open mind before you know it, it will grow and evolve into something absolutely wonderful and perfect for you.


According to Gabriel, this equinox is an extremely pivotal event, marking the emergence from the birth canal we’ve been in since the winter solstice. Since it is such an important milestone, I felt it would be the ideal time to hold another live event. As this equinox is all about finding a balance point before we move forward into the new, I thought a session focusing on releasing and healing would be a good idea.

This is a live event that will be held on zoom on Saturday March 18 at 12 pm EST and there will be a replay if you can’t attend live. The event will offer a short talk, a guided meditation with a process to help you let go of what you don’t wish to take with you into the new as well as giving you any extra support to help you in this next exciting phase. This process is something you can do through the recording whenever you feel you could use some extra help moving forward. There will also be a Gabriel channel and if time allows, a Q and A.

The cost to attend is $33 USD. I do hope you will join us to receive whatever energetic support you may need during these exciting and intense times. You can sign up here:

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