Daily Message ~ Monday March 18, 2013

Dear Ones, we understand many of you have been hurt during your life expressions.  Many of you have suffered deeply from abuse or neglect, and struggle to overcome those wounds.  Many of you, due to the treatment you have received, believe you are less than, that you are not worthy, and have come to settle for so much less than you deserve in your life expression.

We encourage you to begin, right now, today, to nurture those wounded parts of self.  If you were neglected, start to make your wellness and comfort a priority in your life.  If you lacked love, take time to truly, deeply love yourself and see yourself for the divinely perfect being you are.  If you were verbally abused, it is essential you stop your negative self talk and start to only address yourself with love, encouragement and support.

Those wounded aspects of yourself are still craving the energies you didn’t receive.  There is no reason why you cannot meet those needs yourself, for yourself, with patience and unconditional love.  Your soul does not care where those energies come from, it only seeks to heal and balance.  By deciding to be the hero in your own life, by vowing to keep yourself safe and in the energies you require to truly, completely heal, you can absolutely come out of the darkness of that past pain and start to thrive and shine once and for all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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