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Daily Message ~ Monday March 25, 2024

Why not do one thing today that will make your life a little easier? It need not be a big thing, just something, perhaps that you’ve been putting off, that will create a bit more ease and flow. This small act will announce loudly that you are intending to create more ease in your life and that you are moving into action to make it so.

Many of you put off doing things because you think only huge efforts bring change. In reality, even the smallest shift speaks volumes to the universe because it is your intention that is the power behind all change.

We urge you to look at your life with new eyes and start creating changes to honour who you’ve become and support where you want to go. You are in an amazing time, right now, where your creations are incredibly supported and magical change is at your fingertips. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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