Daily Message ~ Monday March 31, 2014

Can you imagine if you went up to someone, drawn by their beautiful and unique energy, only to have them say, “I’m not a person, I’m a tree!” It would be very confusing, to say the least. You wouldn’t know whether to react to who they really were, or whether you should try to connect to them being a tree. You wouldn’t be sure who, or what, you were dealing with. Further, you would not be sure if you should water them and fertilize them or if you should give them a meal to sustain them.

Dear Ones, every time you deny who you really are, every time you put on a mask to hide your true self, your passions, your desires, your truth, you do the very same thing. It becomes hard to have the support you need because you are sending out such mixed messages.

Do you see why humans find it so confusing dealing with each other? As you move forward in your enlightenment process, as you become more clear about your truth and divinity, you will find yourself being ever more supported in the ways that honour you. Your interactions with other humans who are shining in their truth, will be so much easier as well, because you know what you are dealing with and you can respond in kind. This is part of the ease and grace that is so available to you, moving forward in the process, as you embrace your own true essence. ~Archangel Gabriel

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