blue butterfly on bloom trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday March 7, 2022

The act of settling indicates you know there is better out there for you. You know there is a more satisfying match but you decide to play it small.

Choosing to do that is usually due to the following – a lack of trust that you can really have what you want, not being willing to do whatever it would take to allow the better option to become your reality, a fear of change or success, or fear of how others will react to you having the full experience.

Dear Ones, your soul knows your highest potentials and matches and beckons you forward because it knows what you have always intended for yourself, is secure in your worthiness, and knows what is the the next highest step for you on your journey. Why go against the expert on you and your life expression?

There is nothing to be gained for you or anyone else by choosing to stay smaller than your full potential. Allow yourself to bloom and thrive as the empowered leader of your life expression and you will be an inspiration for others to step into their next highest version of themselves, too. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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