Daily Message ~ Monday May 1, 2017

Dear Ones, if you attempt to make someone be wrong for something, and it is a choice that their soul needs to experience, they will ultimately need to disappoint or detach from you, even if it causes them great distress to do so, because the soul’s desires must always be honoured.

If you are against a choice someone is making, it is because it is a choice that would not work well for you on your individual path. It is an experience you do not need to have, or a theme you have already mastered. This does not mean that the experience would not have value for the other person!

Human beings learn from experience. Just as others do not know what your soul agenda is, you do not know what another soul is seeking to learn and integrate. If someone is making a choice, it is because the experience itself holds value for them. It will bring them clarity, growth, or expansion. Each individual person has their own soul to-do list, and is fully capable as the leader of their own life expression.

Being a person who holds the space of encouragement, acceptance, support, and seeing others as masterful in their own right, makes you become a safe resource in the other’s life. It preserves your connection with others and is an expression of unconditional love.

Because you have not been judgmental, the person will always feel able to seek out your wisdom or advice should they decide they need it. You give the gift of freedom of self expression rather than fear of judgment, and can be a loving constant in other’s lives. ~Archangel Gabriel

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