Daily Message ~ Monday May 12, 2014

Are you afraid to be really, truly happy for fear you will jinx yourself? Do you feel if you are too happy something bad will happen? Let us look at that belief for a moment.

Happiness is a state of alignment and beingness. It is being fully satisfied with the Now moment and feeling appreciation for that state. If you understand that you draw what you hold, how could you attract anything less than more of the same?

What likely has happened is before you understood the power of consistent focus, you experienced happiness, and then unconsciously created something else. Or, you have been taught that happiness, at best, is fleeting. Wherever it came from, you have simply adopted a belief system that says not to get too happy because if you do you will pay for it. Do you see how that is giving your power away and settling for so much less than your full potential?

Dear Ones, do not cap yourselves in anything! Understand that belief systems are true because you make them be so. Change those thoughts! What about the idea that happiness leads to more happiness, which leads to more happiness, which leads to complete and total bliss? As a conscious co-creator you get to choose, and choose, and choose again. ~Archangel Gabriel

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