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Daily Message ~ Monday May 15, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Last week we spoke of why you will often not hear your guides when you are going through an energetic download. Today we would like to discuss some other reasons why you may suddenly not hear your guides.

When the energies are shifting rapidly, where you connect with your guides one day may not be the same the following day. You may have shifted slightly energetically, or the energies on the planet have shifted into a slightly higher vibration. Any shift can make where you normally connect no longer work and make your alignment point a different place than what you are used to.

Many years ago this wasn’t as much of an issue since the energies were moving a lot slower then. Now because things are moving very quickly it is almost more rare to have your connection point be the same more than a day or two. So what do you do about this?

Know that your soul always knows where that connection point is. Rather than trying to keep recreating what worked before, approach it like it could very well be a new connection point every time. Send your soul to the being you wish to connect with. If you still struggle to hear your guides, ask them to adjust you energetically so you can hear them.

Treating each time you wish to connect as having the potential to be a brand new point is experiencing yourself as part of the flow which will always support your alignment and success, where trying to connect in the same static point can end up being an exercise in frustration because you are trying to stay the same while the connection point will keep moving with the energies.

Occasionally a guide will step back momentarily because another guide is wanting to step forward to help you because they are a better match to assist you with whatever is most important on your evolutionary journey. This just goes to show how much help is available to you that is absolutely customized to your needs.

So how can you tell the difference? Being unable to hear your guides because you are integrating energy usually only lasts a short amount of time, while not hearing your guides because you are not moving with your alignment point can last a much longer period of time. And if you are not hearing your guide because another wants to come through, you can figure that out by simply asking, “Is there another guide that would be beneficial for me to work with at this time?”

Accelerated energies are the new normal, so putting your effort into staying the same will not be a successful strategy, in fact, it will only lead to discomfort. No matter what the reason you are not hearing your guides, staying surrendered to the flow in your faith and trust will help you keep adjusting and finding your way forward with the most support possible. And the signs and synchronicities are always there for those who have the eyes to see to point the way forward until things become clearer for you and you are back in contact with your guides in a more tangible way.

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