Daily Message ~ Monday May 19, 2014

So many humans identify themselves through their old wounds and traumas. Even your society has labels for you based on your old stories – divorced, abused, cancer survivor, to name a few. We are not for a second saying you should deny your experiences. But we do encourage you to have the experience and once it has served its purpose, let it go and create yourselves anew.

How many of you are allowing your old painful experiences to colour the blank canvas of your Now? What if, instead of waving the flag of woundedness, you started waving the flag of wellness? Of wholeness? Of divinity? How different your Now moments would start to feel and how beautifully you would pave the way for your tomorrows!

Don’t hang onto those old wounds out of habit, Dear Ones. They are not you, so do not give them the power to dull your brilliance, your beauty, your wellness, your divinity. ~Archangel Gabriel

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