Daily Message – Monday May 21

Stepping into your power doesn’t mean controlling others, nor does it mean assuming responsibility for others. That is the old standard of power and that is not what we speak of. Many lightworkers and wayshowers are so exhausted from their efforts they feel they simply cannot take on any more so they shy away from power due to associations of the old power structure. They also have a fear of falling into ego, so again, they are reluctant to take that step. Let us assure you, authentic power is nothing of the sort! Authentic power means choosing your highest alignment and operating from that place. It means letting your light shine, embracing your ability to create the life and world of your dreams, and leading by example. It is a commitment to follow the path of joy and ease. It is a deep understanding that as you do so, it is providing the greatest service to all mankind. After all of the challenges the enlightening human being has faced, authentic power is not something to be wary of, it is the joyous place of light at the end of the tunnel.
~Archangel Gabriel

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