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Daily Message ~ Monday May 23, 2022

Dear Ones, it is ok to feel discomfort. It doesn’t mean that you are failing, or not evolved enough, or have lost your way or your abilities. Discomfort simply has information for you. Often you will resist feeling your discomfort, but your resistance to explore the discomfort is what perpetuates it, as resistance itself creates discomfort.

Is your discomfort simply trying to get you to redirect? If so, you may wish to employ surrender and flow, ask your guides and helpers for guidance, or simply get curious about what other avenues or approaches you can take. Is your discomfort an appropriate response to something that is happening to you? If so, it is time to offer comfort and understanding to yourself. Is your discomfort simply trying to get you to use your tools? If so, it is time to remember and apply what you know.

Your discomfort may also just be trying to make you aware that something is not an energetic match for you. It is common for human beings to outgrow situations and connections as they continue to shift and evolve on their journey. Your discomfort may be making you aware of the fact that something that once was a match is no longer in resonance with you.

This is not to suggest that you throw in the towel at the first sign of discomfort! Far from it. There is much to be learned from taking the time to explore what is going on in the situation and making decisions from a space of wisdom and knowledge.

With the fast moving intense energies many of you are experiencing, there are often pockets of discomfort that will be experienced. You may just be in the throes of an energetic download, or old emotions may be coming up for release. If that is the case, your discomfort will be temporary and is simply a calling to prioritize good self care. True transformation can often come with waves of discomfort before the new is fully birthed. But if you have a consistent discomfort with a certain situation that persists and doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere, it may be time to explore whether it is time to shift how you interact with that situation or whether it is simply a sign to move on.

All of this is completely normal and part of the awakening process on your planet. We understand it can seem daunting and confusing at times, but we wish to remind you that your own evolution is always serving you and preparing you for your next great adventure. Being consciously aware and taking the time to explore what your discomfort is trying to tell you will always help you make your wisest choice, one now moment at a time. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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