Daily Message ~ Monday May 25, 2015

It is your own pervasive worthiness issues that cause you to accept so much less than what your true potentials are. These self esteem issues are rooted in old belief systems that were never valid, but designed to control the masses and keep you small and disempowered. You also shy away from claiming your worth because you still buy into the idea that to do so somehow involves taking away from another. Dear Ones, it is time to let these old, tremendously limiting ideas go, once and for all!

There is plenty of room on this planet for you to shine brightly in your most glorious expression of self, not to the detriment of others, but rather for the greatest good of all! Living to your full potential simply means expanding into your highest expression of self in a way that serves the whole (which, of course, includes yourself). It is about moving into fairness, truth, balance, and your own glorious self expression, which honours your soul, your purpose, humanity, and your beloved planet. Doesn’t that feel like exactly what you’ve been seeking all along? ~Archangel Gabriel

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