Daily Message ~ Monday May 30, 2016


When no one is allowing their authentic self to lead the way, life can be very confusing. You are trying to navigate life in a way that honours everyone, but everyone is pretending to be a character in a play, so it is incredibly difficult to discover how to do that. Your inner knowingness may sense a different essence underneath the mask of the character, adding to your confusion, because you aren’t sure which self to connect with. The inner self is not being allowed to show, and the false self is an illusion.

This is why the grand shift you are in is going to allow you to deepen your relationships. When people finally step into embracing their authenticity and letting it take the lead, they become congruent. Their internal and external worlds match, eliminating confusion. There is a constancy and consistency that allows you to relax and simply accept what you are being presented with. Because you are leading with your own authenticity, the matches you start to experience from there will be deep and long lasting because they are based on truth. Communication becomes clearer, connections become deeper.

For empathic and intuitive people this will be a great relief. While we understand that at first it can take a lot of courage to allow your true self to shine, especially if you have been conditioned to believe that is not enough, the gift of allowing everyone to see and respond to your authenticity will pave the way for far greater ease and satisfaction in the long run. It is time, so you can all start to recognize, love, and celebrate each other in delightfully pure and satisfying ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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