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Daily Message ~ Monday May 6, 2024

If you are feeling particularly uncomfortable or reactive it is likely that a core wound or a fear about your safety has been activated. Instead of pushing back against the circumstances, which will only perpetuate that loop, why not stop and take an observant role?

Momentarily detaching and asking questions is an excellent way of gathering information and assuming the role of your own healer and guide. Ask, “Is this a reasonable response to the circumstances right now, or is this an indicator of an old wound crying out for my love and attention?”

Once you assess what is going on, you can step in and give yourself what is needed. Often acknowledgment and some soothing self love and nurturing is all that is required.

Dear Ones, your life is filled with opportunities to shift and show up for yourselves as the wise, capable, loving, healer, and leader of your life expression. Ascension is just that – being able to see yourself through the vantage point and wisdom of your higher self while loving and acknowledging your beautiful, tender human self at the same time. How glorious that the times you are in make it possible to play both roles so beautifully! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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