Daily Message ~ Monday November 17, 2014

Do you hold yourself back from committing fully to your creations “just in case”? Do you have a wait and see attitude, and wait for things to prove themselves to you? Do you realize that to do so actually limits your success?

Such an approach is like going to a raceway to see how fast your car can go and then setting the cruise control at the speed you normally drive. You will have effectively controlled your experience but you will never really know what your car is capable of. You would have capped yourself at far less than the full potential.

Your mind will frequently only see potential within the realm of what has already been achieved. You are so much more than what you have already done! The most successful people on your planet are the people who fully commit, who whole-heartedly throw themselves into experiences, allowing them the room and time to fully unfold and expand into the fullest potentials, and then create again beyond even that! They are always discovering more and more about what they can do, and what is possible.

Dear Ones, won’t you finally allow yourselves to discover your own greatness and potential and become the great innovators of your own life expressions? ~Archangel Gabriel

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