Daily Message ~ Monday November 18, 2013

Many of you are aware that you are evolving into unity consciousness, but have a hard time understanding what that will be like. You don’t know how you can accept everything and keep your own unique preferences and personality. Let us explain it to you in this way.

Imagine a large department store. It has many different departments meant to meet the needs of many, yet all the departments are part of the greater whole, that of the entire store. There are many different shoppers within the store who are all equally important, freely moving to whichever area they require.

If you have no young children in your life, you would not have a need for the baby department. This does not mean that you feel there should not be a baby department in the store. This does not mean that you would shun or judge the baby shoppers. You would simply allow them to pass you by on their way to their desired department, understanding it meets their needs beautifully. You completely accept and embrace the fact that all the different areas and all the different people are absolutely perfect as part of the whole of the department store. It is clear that they all support each other.

Do you see? You are all part of the whole. You all bring your unique and wonderful energy to the whole, which is what gives it such depth, support and variety. Unity does not mean you lose yourself in any way. It simply means you are in complete acceptance of the many different aspects that exist within it, while honouring yourself as a beloved and integral part of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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