Daily Message ~ Monday November 19, 2012

One of the wonderful benefits to using surrender and flow to navigate your life expression is that it frees up your mind. When your mind isn’t consumed with worrying about how things will turn out, or caught up in trying to force things, you suddenly have much more free time. You can then use all that new found time and energy to focus on what you wish to create, to practice gratitude and to simply BE. By doing that, you are anchoring in an energy that positively affects not only your Now moments, but your future moments as well. Surrendering to the flow is the key that unlocks the door to much greater peace and serenity, while allowing you to move forward quickly in the most direct fashion, with the greatest ease and support possible. If you do nothing more than practice surrender and gratitude, you will be doing everything necessary to support yourself and the planet moving forward in this amazing and pivotal time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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