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Daily Message ~ Monday November 20, 2023

There will be many who will have sudden, spontaneous spiritual experiences over the next weeks and months ahead. This is a testimony to the hard work of the wayshowers and path pavers, the beacons and the lightworkers. You have not only assisted in creating the conditions where this is now possible, you have blazed a trail for others to follow.

For many of you, it took years to achieve your level of spirituality yet now you will start to see people just opening up with little effort. What a wonderful gift you have given them! With your balance and wisdom, you can guide them in their experiences so they can further embrace them without fear or doubt. What a tremendous service you have done for humanity! This is why you are so very cherished and honoured in your work in the ascension process.

Do not envy others for their easier awakenings. Celebrate your success for a job well done. You have honoured your soul, the planet, humanity and yes – even the universe in your efforts, and you would do it all over again if asked because that is how much you love. You are truly remarkable. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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