Daily Message ~ Monday November 21, 2016


You are in the process of wrapping up one of the most pivotal years you have ever experienced on your planet. You are markedly changed energetically from who you were at the beginning of this year of your time. Of course, because you are always shifting and evolving, you will continue to energetically tweak and refine through the end of this year but the bulk of the heavy work has been done.

How are you different now from the beginning of this year? What clarity have you acquired? What is still begging for your attention? What new vistas are available to you due to the tremendous amount of releasing and healing you have achieved? Now is an ideal time to ask yourself these questions before your winter solstice, the event that locks in your progress from the year and sets you up for what you would like to create in the coming year.

So we advise you to catch your breath, congratulate yourself for all that you have done and all you will continue to do, and to look at the future with fresh eyes that are full of potential and possibility. That is exactly what all the work you have done has been for. ~Archangel Gabriel

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