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Daily Message ~ Monday November 28, 2022

Many of you would like to begin a self love practice but aren’t sure where to start. We would like to offer you a simple exercise to begin with that will be surprisingly effective if you use it consistently.

What we would like you to do is simply smile at yourself every time you see yourself in a mirror.

A great many of you are in the habit of negatively assessing yourselves the second you get in front of a mirror. The practice of judging yourself every chance you get automatically puts you in resistance and distrust of yourself. It is very difficult to thrive under such conditions!

Smiling at yourself without agenda is a loving greeting. It is a space of openness and acceptance. It is friendly and kind, which is love in action. You don’t have to add any words or actions to it, just a smile that reaches all the way up to your eyes is all that is required.

What will happen as you practice this over time is you will automatically light up and smile when you see yourself. It will become a habit of acceptance that will allow you to both be and receive the love that you are. And that, Dear Ones, will make your soul very happy, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

LAST DAY! My brand new course, Self Love – The Most Important Element of Them All is finally complete! I’ve been working on this program for over a year and I’m so excited to finally be able to share this content with you. The course consists of 6 mp3’s with a lecture portion followed by a meditation to help you experience the class teachings in a very personal way. For the first time ever, each class comes with its own worksheet designed to help you get the most out of the material. There’s also a bonus document, The Art of Writing a Good Affirmation, as well as an ebook with 64 messages from Archangel Gabriel on self love! Each class also has an “If You Are Struggling” portion with tips and tricks to help you if you find yourself getting stuck.

It’s a bigger more comprehensive program than anything I’ve ever written before. And the best part is I’ve put it on sale from today right through Cyber Monday for $99 USD. That’s $50 off! You can see the whole course outline here: https://trinityesoterics.com/classes/self-love-the-most-important-element-of-them-all/

Just use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY22 to get it at the discounted rate.

This course has been a labour of love (and self love, too!) that has created some really profound shifts for me. If you are ready to explore what Gabriel calls the final frontier of our enlightenment process, I know it can do the same for you, too.


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