Daily Message ~ Monday November 3, 2014

So many of you, when offered help, turn it down because you do not wish to be a bother, or to put people out. Underneath that desire is a fear that if you become work to another you will not be liked any longer. At the root of denying help is fear of rejection and worthiness issues. Conditional love is the cause of the fear of rejection, abandonment, and worthiness issues.

Dear Ones, once you truly start to accept that you are loved unconditionally by Source, you will start to see your complete worthiness. Further, you will start to see that those who had used conditional love to control you were strangers to unconditional love, themselves.

The freedom you seek comes from knowing that the one source that truly has the vantage point to judge you has no desire to do so, and only sees you as being divine and wonderful. It is only a small step from there to beginning to see yourself the same way, and that is when your entire love paradigm will change.

Once you embrace the energies of unconditional love, you will flow with giving and receiving, and will be able to move into complete acceptance of yourself and others. It is your own connection to Source that will set the tone for your interactions with others, so we encourage you to open up and allow the love, the deep abiding love that has always existed for you, in. ~Archangel Gabriel

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