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Daily Message ~ Monday November 6, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today I will be answering the question: Am I doing enough?

If you are on your spiritual journey, you are well aware that you and the planet are both going through a shift of consciousness. You are on the planet to have that experience, and to assist with it. Because you have that as a core desire for this incarnation, it is common to wonder, Am I doing enough?

I think we all do our best to be good people, to grow and evolve, and make conscious choices. As humans we are rarely, if ever, 100% perfect in that, but our intention and our desire to keep trying is the most important thing. In fact, it is far more important than we realize.

It’s not surprising that Gabriel tells me that our conscious choices support the shift. What did surprise me was his telling me that when we make what we consider a mistake, realize it, and choose differently the next time, we also assist the shift in a very powerful way. That is evolution. What a relief that even our mistakes can become powerful fuel that serves the whole!

He also tells me that our energetics have been assisting the planet since the time we took our first breath. We understood we were coming to help and experience the shift, and that is why we are so driven to get things right. I get how it can be hard sometimes to know that we are truly making a difference when how we are assisting seems intangible from our vantage point. We just have to follow our hearts and trust.

But more important than just having our unique energetics, Gabriel keeps showing me how choosing to embody the traits that support peace helps more than we realize. He shows me how we appear as columns of light that are anchor points of peace that work together to create a supportive grid of stabilization points to assist the planet and the collective as they continue to shift.

The more who awaken and start to choose love, peace, connection, and unity consciousness, the more power the wave of change will have, and it is all supported by each individual choosing to grow, enlighten, and be the change.

So never think you are not important enough or not doing enough. Your beingness is your gift, your growth is your service (even your mistakes have purpose if you allow them to redirect you), and your tender, loving, service-driven heart is adding to the momentum of the wave of change you couldn’t wait to participate in. You are doing it!

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