Daily Message ~ Monday November 9, 2015

If you are feeling bad about something, we suggest you take a moment and ask yourself, “How is this issue making me feel separate? How is this issue making me feel unloved?” Then simply love yourself for the beautiful, tender being you are. Imagine gathering yourself up in a loving hug. Sit and rock that self that is hurting. Instead of trying to deny the feelings or the reasons for them, simply honour that part of you that is so sensitive and feeling.

Let yourself BE without making yourself wrong for anything. Accept yourself completely in the moment. Then, when you have acknowledged, honoured, loved and reassured that tender part of you, consciously align with Source energy and allow that flow of love to fill you up even further.

It is time to nurture all your bits and pieces, Dear Ones, even the parts that you think are not worthy. Especially the parts that you think are not worthy! Once you bring the things you’ve been avoiding to light once and for all, you will see they aren’t so scary, after all. The illusion of their power will dissipate, leaving you with a sense of freedom and relief, and a base of love and acceptance to create from like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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