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Daily Message ~ Monday October 2, 2023

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today we will be discussing, Is It Me or Divine Timing?

In the early days of my awakening journey I used to get so frustrated. I always wanted to know when something was going to happen. I’d spend countless hours consulting my divination tools to see if I could find the answer to exactly when something would happen, only to be very upset if I couldn’t get the answer I wanted or if it turned out I was wrong.

I shared this frustration with a wonderful pastor, Pastor Jeremy, who I consulted when my conversation with Gabriel first began. He was such an integral part of my moving forward into my service because he reassured me that what was happening to me was authentic, and I will forever be grateful to him for that. Anyways, I was bemoaning how long things were taking for my life to get better and he said, “Shelley, God’s timing is perfect timing.” That phrase has stuck with me and created an instant shift.

But I would still, at times, end up wondering, am I blocked somehow or is it just divine timing? Am I missing something or is everything just coming together behind the scenes? How would I know if I am blocked?

These are all common questions and this is what I’ve learned along the way:

It is the ego that is impatient and rash. The soul is patient and wise. Your ego self isn’t bad, it’s a necessary part of the human experience. It just isn’t the part of you that can get you where you want to go because it likes everything the same. I think of it like a toddler that will tantrum if it doesn’t get its own way. So if you are judging things or being impatient and frustrated, it likely isn’t the most empowered part of you that is assessing things. Get into alignment and see how you feel. It will help you recenter into the Now moment, which will feel much more comfortable.

The ego self wants to control everything and be in charge. It can only create within what is known. Your soul is trying to lead you to the discovery of the next great opportunity or experience. In order to discover that, you must allow the wiser part of yourself to guide yourself into the unknown.

If something isn’t coming together for you quickly, it serves you to be where you are. Perhaps there is another discovery that must be made first before you can move forward. Perhaps there is an element that needs to be in place. Perhaps you need to hand over the reins to your soul or guides because you are trying to micromanage. Perhaps there is a soul contract with a person or with the land you are on that needs to wrap up before you are off to your next great adventure.

Are you willing to receive? Are you willing to expand? Are you willing to be patient with the process? Can you deepen your faith and trust? What are the opportunities where you are right now? Do you need internal expansion before you can shift into external expansion? What stepping stones are coming into your orbit right now that are trying to serve you that you are saying no to?

For example, if someone would have told me I was meant to be a channel of Archangel Gabriel I would have said no to becoming a hypnotherapist when that opportunity fell in my lap. I would have missed out on the tool that allowed me to connect with him. My human didn’t know but my soul sure did!

If you feel blocked, it is natural to begin to focus on that. But that will only cause discomfort because you will fall into resistance. You are far better off to redirect into exploring what you can do. What is supported right now? There are always opportunities. Take advantage of them, even if they only offer more time to meditate or be still. There is something there for you, and it could just be the element that needs to fall into place in order for movement to occur. Allow the gifts of where you are now to make themselves known to you organically.

It is difficult to navigate from this side of the veil when we are not privy to all the ins and outs and complexities of our earthly experience. It can be easy to get frustrated or even angry if you feel you are not in charge. But here is the biggest piece. You are always in charge because you have consciously chosen everything from a soul level. You chose all of it when you were planning your lifetime and had all the information you needed.

So how do you know if you are stuck? Are you surrendered into the flow with your faith and trust? Are you will to take inspired action? Do you follow the signs and synchronicities? Do you take advantage of whatever is being energetically supported? Are you willing to be guided, open, curious, and willing to receive? Are you practicing acceptance, presence, and gratitude? Is your intention to always be expanding in your highest life expression? Are you willing to be authentically you and allowing your beingness to lead the way?

If you can say yes to all of those points, it would be impossible to be stuck. If there is something you need to be aware of that is holding you back, it would come into your awareness right away. If you are tending the soul and watering the seed, you are doing your part. The rest comes down to divine intelligence.

Your soul is guiding you, as is a universe that adores you. You can stop pushing and doubting yourself. Be easy. Ride the waves. Trust the process. Know your next great discovery or creation is going to show up for you when it is fully ready to be sustainable and be all it can be. After all, as Gabriel frequently points out to me, half baked cake isn’t much of a treat.


Hey everyone! I’m so happy to tell you I’m going to be on Debbi Dachinger’s podcast, Dare to Dream on Thursday, October 5 at 5 pm eastern time! You can watch live here:

I’m going to be doing a live Gabriel channel and talking all about the Divine Combination and the biggest transformative theme we are going through right now. I hope you’ll join us!


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