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Daily Message ~ Monday October 25, 2021

Most of you find surrender to be doable during easier times, but surrender when you are in very challenging times can be much more difficult. There is a tendency to want to try to have a sense of more control when things are hard. It is also a very normal human reaction to experience more resistance than usual during trying times.

What we want you to understand is surrender is a tool that activates your team of helpers and guides, including your highest self, to provide higher guidance, support and comfort. It allows you to move through difficult times with the greatest amount of assistance possible. Surrendering into your higher guidance moves you into an incredibly supportive flow that will be customized to be gentle and meet your needs. It is a loving blanket that will wrap you up and carry you forward.

Most people find their way to surrender when they are too battered and worn to fight anymore. You do not need to wait until you are in that space to utilize that tool. A simple heartfelt request is all that is required, and the help will immediately activate to guide you through the unknown into the solutions that always exist for the highest good of all. You do not need to go it alone, Dear Ones, we’ve been here for you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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