Daily Message ~ Monday October 31, 2016


Dear Ones, the universe is always responding to your intentions and requests. You just simply must allow enough time for your desires to come to fruition .

For example, if you gave your order to a server at a restaurant, you would not continually change your mind and order something different after a minute or two because you didn’t think the original order had been received would you? To do so would only keep you hungry and unfulfilled! At some point you would have to give the people behind the scenes time to receive, prepare, cook, and deliver your order. You would have to trust in the system.

The same it is with the universe. Allow the unfoldment! Settle in and enjoy your time as you are waiting for your order. Trust that there is an entire team whose greatest purpose and joy comes from serving you and seeing your delight as your dreams become reality. ~Archangel Gabriel

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